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Now you can be W.I.S.E. about your health at Ingersoll Pharmasave

Ingersoll Pharmasave is thrilled to be able to provide a comprehensive and personalized health analysis with our in-house Registered Nutritionist, Sarah Ellis-Pierron. The WISE Analysis system is based on the premise that the body is communicating its state of health through a series of symptoms.

The WISE Analysis offers suggestions for OVER 60 health factors including the following:

  • Heavy metals toxicity
  • Mineral deficiency
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Hydration
  • Gland/organ balance
  • Digestive issues
  • Lifestyle factors (exercise etc.) as well as pathogenic stress (candida, parasites) and much more.

In addition, the health factors are averaged to give you a profile of 15 Body Systems (Circulation, Immunity, Stress Quotient, Digestive System etc.) Your personalized WISE Analysis charts show you which factors in your health are out of balance with the rest.

Included in the $75 fee is an analysis of your scores, review of the results, and printed material on the recommendations specific to you. You will spend an hour with our R.H.N. to discuss the results and she will provide recommendations based on your individual needs.

Pick up your WISE Analysis package and book your WISE Analysis today… contact Sarah at 519-485-2300 or sarah.ellis@ingersollpharmasave.com.


Information provided is not meant to diagnose.  It is simply a tool to be used to help identify possible areas of improvement.